About SafeTote Rx

For most people, taking medications can be very personal. Many prefer to keep medications private, especially those that treat depression, anxiety, ADHD, sleeping disorders and many others. Teens can be especially sensitive about the medications they take, which can prevent them from taking it correctly. And proper compliance to recommended medications ensures prescriptions are taken correctly each and every time. If you or a family member are concerned about keeping medication private, yet need to take pills at work, school or when traveling to comply with your recommended treatment regimen, there is a great solution for keeping medications neat and discreet.

Prescription Medications Can Be Dangerous

Prescription medications can be very dangerous to children, pets and others. There is much information available on the subject of safely securing medications. See our News and Resources link for more information.

SafeTote Rx was designed by entrepreneur Chris Dawson, who battled with pain for years. Prior to having children, Chris saw the need for SafeTote Rx.

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