Tips for Summer Medication Storage and Transportation


Summer is knocking the door, and the mercury levels are set to rise with the climatic change. In this season, we need to take extra care over medications in order to preserve them. Medicines, both prescribed and un-prescribed require watchful eyes and proper storage in order to retain effectiveness. These tips are applicable for medication storage as well transportation. Medication storage needs to be controlled at a temperature, which usually … Read More →

Tips for Medication Storage for College Freshmen


College is the time for students to experience life on their own. However, the responsibilities that their parents were taking care of falls in their hands. The children who have to take the prescribed medications now this also becomes their responsibility. Parents need to ensure that while helping their children with packing they must provide them full knowledge on taking their medicine. Parents can examine whether their child is strict … Read More →

How to Prepare for Spring Allergies in 2019


Spring is coming and almost everyone in the area is eager to get rid of their winter coats and go outdoors to enjoy a picnic, gardening or walks in the park. You, on the other hand, fear the arrival of the season that causes itchy eyes, sneezing, and congestion. The following tips below will help you enjoy this Spring season. Buy Air Filters for Fans Fan air filters help eliminate … Read More →

How to Keep Medications Safe from Pets


The Animal Poison Control Center receives more than 180,000 phone calls each year about pets that have ingested potentially harmful substances in the home. The list of toxic substances to which animals are exposed includes prescription and over-the-counter medications intended for human use