Best Ways to Organize Medications for the Elderly

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Managing and organizing medications can be one of the most challenging tasks for aging adults and their caregivers. It is a complex process and oftentimes medications and quantities of medications change. It is critical that older adults take only the medications prescribed, take them exactly as prescribed and for them to obtain confirmation from their physician and pharmacist that there will not be potentially dangerous drug interactions and complications. Senior … Read More →

Promoting a Drug Free America

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When you consider that 77 percent of drug abusers in the U.S. are employed, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, it makes sense that corporations want to encourage a safe drug free office environment. As most companies have developed a zero-tolerance policy for drug use, many have made the decision to create a drug free office environment. However, there is a growing concern as to how companies execute … Read More →

Statistics on Opioid Use & Dangers of Opioid Abuse


Reports on opioids in the US continue to elucidate interesting facts on opioid use and abuse. With opioid use at an all time high in the US, more research is being performed to show some of the issues surrounding abuse. In fact, pain in America now represents an $550 billion industry, with approximately 1/3 of citizens currently dealing with a pain problem. The more we know, the better. Research shows … Read More →

Tips for Storing Medications in Your Car


Believe it or not, it doesn’t have to be that hot outside for a car to become an oven. The Weather Channel reports that with an outside temperature of 90 ° F, the interior of a car can reach an incredible 138 ° F in 90 minutes. Therefore, it is not practical to leave medications for a short time in the car. When traveling, keep your medication in the air-conditioned … Read More →

Tips for Storing Medication at College


Let’s face it: one of the much-anticipated pleasures of going to college is to avoid parental supervision. College is a time for children to live independently and we want them to enjoy their new freedom. For some children, it will be a rocky transition – there is a lot to learn about taking care of yourself so as not to speak of college-level homework. And for children who take medication, … Read More →

How to Prevent Dehydration During Hot Summers

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When summer is in full swing, the time you spend outdoors will increase tremendously. Summer is the season for outdoor barbecues, grass parties, fresh fruits and vegetables, lawn and garden maintenance, swimming and pool parties. Summer also brings with it a rise in temperatures and incidences of dehydration. While dehydration can hit at any time, the scorching summer temperatures also bring about an increased risk of losing excess water. What … Read More →

Tips for Medication Storage During Hot Summers

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The summer sun can drastically reduce a medication’s effectiveness. Learning to properly store your medications is necessary in order to preserve your medications. Extreme temperatures, both hot and cold, can have a profound impact on the effectiveness of over-the-counter and prescription medications. Pharmaceutical manufacturers suggest that almost any form of medication should be stored in a temperature-controlled room between 58 and 86 degrees. Take special precautions when transporting and storing … Read More →

Tips for Keeping Medications Organized During Summer Vacations


Summer is finally here! But, before you take off on that trip you’ve been planning for months make sure you make a list of the medications you take and keep your essentials with you. Pack your medication in your carry-on bag.  Suitcases can get lost. The most important thing is to have it with you. The trip can be unpredictable and the plans changed. Therefore, pack prescription medications in case … Read More →

How to Safely Dispose of Medications


How to Safely Dispose of Medications At some point or the other we have all taken medication to treat a disorder or illness. Usually these medicines end up sitting our medicine cabinet long after they have expired or we no longer have any use of them. Although the medications are not harmful after their expiration date, it is prudent to ensure that they are disposed properly. The disposal method will … Read More →

Tips for Business Travel with Medications


Prescription medications for legitimate health conditions may be under scrutiny by foreign officials when traveling on business. In some countries, legal drugs that are legal and readily available in your country may be considered illegal, require a prescription, or may be suspicious of local officials, customs and immigration authorities. It is always best to contact the foreign government offices in your country of the country you are visiting on business … Read More →