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Tips for Summer Medication Storage and Transportation


Summer is knocking the door, and the mercury levels are set to rise with the climatic change. In this season, we need to take extra care over medications in order to preserve them. Medicines, both prescribed and un-prescribed require watchful eyes and proper storage in order to retain effectiveness. These tips are applicable for medication storage as well transportation. Medication storage needs to be controlled at a temperature, which usually … Read More →

Tips for Medication Storage for College Freshmen


College is the time for students to experience life on their own. However, the responsibilities that their parents were taking care of falls in their hands. The children who have to take the prescribed medications now this also becomes their responsibility. Parents need to ensure that while helping their children with packing they must provide them full knowledge on taking their medicine. Parents can examine whether their child is strict … Read More →

How to Prepare for Spring Allergies in 2019


Spring is coming and almost everyone in the area is eager to get rid of their winter coats and go outdoors to enjoy a picnic, gardening or walks in the park. You, on the other hand, fear the arrival of the season that causes itchy eyes, sneezing, and congestion. The following tips below will help you enjoy this Spring season. Buy Air Filters for Fans Fan air filters help eliminate … Read More →

How to Keep Medications Safe from Pets


The Animal Poison Control Center receives more than 180,000 phone calls each year about pets that have ingested potentially harmful substances in the home. The list of toxic substances to which animals are exposed includes prescription and over-the-counter medications intended for human use only. Many medications can be attractive to pets, as they can have sugary colored coatings and can resemble bite-size snacks or pet food. There are many ways … Read More →

Reducing Drug Addiction in 2019


As drugs become easier to access, the threat of drug addiction becomes a bigger and bigger problem. It affects people at all levels of society and socio-economic status. It takes a lot for addicts to break free of their addictions. Outsiders may think it’s simply a matter of deciding to quit, and that is absolutely a step, but there’s a bigger picture, a pattern that emerges if you will, of … Read More →

Tips for Medication Storage in Cold Weather


I’m sure you are aware that high temperatures can be harmful to mediations, but did you know that exposure to extreme temperatures could make medicines ineffective or even dangerous? Prescription and over-the-counter medications come with insertions that detail storage guidelines. Temperature guidelines for storing medicines in cold climates… The required temperature for medications is the room temperature between 68 and 77 degrees Fahrenheit. However, some medications commonly prescribed to seniors … Read More →

How to Safely Transport Medications


Traveling with prescription drugs is a simple process, provided you pack them properly and store them safely. Here are some things to keep in mind. Prescription Drugs You will need enough doses of each of your prescription medications for the entire trip and several additional doses if you are delayed on the trip. Talk to your doctor if your insurance does not give you extra doses. Your doctor should be … Read More →

How to Keep Medications Secure


A person who needs home care at home probably has a drug regimen to follow. Since their prescription is crucial to overall well-being, it is important to keep your medications organized and secure. The storage of prescription drugs is essential when it comes to timely renewal of medications, discouraging abuse of risk-seeking teenagers or those who depend on the effects of the drug, and minimizing the risk of falling into … Read More →

Update on Legalized Marijuana


Should we be pleased about the amount of time Congress is taking to construct a safe and practical program for recreational marijuana use? There are many different perspectives on marijuana use, and it is still up for discussion in Congress. Normally, this is something that would be approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It is incumbent upon Congress to disclose all of its research (if any) that supports the … Read More →

How to Cope with and Prevent Drug Addiction


What may seem like a recreational activity or a fun hobby can quickly become an unhealthy addiction. One begins with just a few smokes of a cigarette which can then turn into a pack or two a day. Smoking can then be accompanied by drinking. Those who look for other diversions then turn their focus on drugs. They can start to use drugs such as cocaine, meth, and heroin. Those … Read More →

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