Reducing Drug Addiction in 2019

As drugs become easier to access, the threat of drug addiction becomes a bigger and bigger problem. It affects people at all levels of society and socio-economic status. It takes a lot for addicts to break free of their addictions. Outsiders may think it’s simply a matter of deciding to quit, and that is absolutely a step, but there’s a bigger picture, a pattern that emerges if you will, of ways to reduce and overcome addictions in 2019.

Causes of drug addiction:

In order for drugs addiction to be reduced in 2019, then we need to first address some potential causes:

  • Stress in the Workplace. Those who have stressful jobs take drugs. They need it for long work hours and overtime.
  • Sexual Abuse. They may be forced to take drugs by their sexual partners aside from sexual abuse that they experience.
  • Love life. Those who are often on a breakup and failed relationship tend to take drugs because of low self-esteem.
  • Marital Problems. Bad relationships and a compelling husband or wife can also be the reason. Drugs can be used to reduce stress caused by marital arguments and misunderstandings.
  • Financial Problems. Even those poor people can still have access to illegal drugs. They do certain crimes in order to get money and buy the substance that they need.

Tips for reducing drug addiction:

If a drug addict has made the decision to quit, here are some tips for making the decision come true.

  • Avoid putting oneself in the company of the drug.

This means avoiding friends and even family members who will use this drug in front of you. It also means avoiding environments where the use of this drug is rampant. For instance, alcoholics should avoid bars. Cocaine addicts should avoid clubs. Note that this does not have to be a permanent thing, but rather, during the time of overcoming the addiction, avoiding putting oneself around the substance will do a lot to reduce relapse. Once the addiction is under control, it may be possible to remove this ‘rule’, but note that it also might be in the best interest of the addict to make this a permanent lifestyle choice.

  • Ask for the support and approval of your loved ones, friends, and family members.

Openly declaring to your loved ones that you seeking help to overcome your drug addiction, and you know you will also need their support, can be of tremendous importance. It will not be an easy ride, and you need to know that they will be with your during the rough parts to make it out on the end.

  • Start exercising regularly.

This will help instill, first of all, new behaviors and patterns. Secondly, it will improve your overall health. Third, it will give you confidence and support mentally to maintain a new lifestyle. Most on-site treatment facilities for drug addiction incorporate either a casual level of exercise or an actual exercise program into their treatment plans, and it is for a good reason – it helps.

  • Take life one day at a time.

This advice sounds cliche, but it’s very helpful. When deciding not to drink, when deciding not to smoke, when deciding not to shoot up, and so on, look at it from this perspective: you might not feel 100% that you are strong enough to never do this again, but for RIGHT NOW, at this moment, in this situation, you are making the decision to NOT do this. And all we ever have is the present moment and how we deal with it. Embracing this outlook is incredibly empowering in overcoming an addiction.

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