Tips for Staying Healthy During Covid-19

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COVID-19, or the Coronavirus, is an international health emergency that has affected the lives of everyone. While the importance of taking precautionary measures is important, we can’t avoid human interaction. As businesses start to open up, it is very important to take precautionary measures in order to stay healthy and reduce the spread of harmful bacteria. We put together a list of some helpful tips for you, so that you can stay healthy! 

  • Wash your hands frequently

The main way that Covid-19 is spread is through close contact with someone who is infected. The virus can cling to and stay on your hands for hours. In order to make sure that you are not spreading the virus, it is important to wash your hands. The correct way to wash your hands is to wash them with clean water and soap for at least twenty seconds. Wash your hands regularly: after you get out of the restroom, before you eat, and especially after you come home from being outside.

  • Avoid Interaction with people showing the symptoms 

Covid-19 is a contagious disease that spreads by contact with affected people. Do not come close to someone who is suspected to have the disease. If contact cannot be avoided, it is best to wear a mask and avoid physical contact. Wash or sanitize your hands immediately after coming in contact with anyone who might have the disease.

  • Try not to go to crowded places 

Covid-19 spreads at exponential rates in crowded areas. It has been repeatedly advised by medical professionals that you should avoid crowded places as much as you can. These places include schools, offices, malls, markets, and big gatherings like funerals or marriages. If you do have to visit a crowded place, wear a mask and try not to touch anything and never shake hands or hug anyone.

  • Disinfect everything 

Covid-19 can live on surfaces for a very long period of time. To make sure there’s no imminent threat in your close vicinity, sanitize your furniture, the inside of your car, and any other things that might be hosting the virus. We recommend that you use an alcohol-based sanitizer to disinfect things around you every few hours. 

  • Avoid touching your face 

Covid-19 enters your body via mouth and nose, and it gets there from your hands. If you touch something or someone with the virus, the virus gets transferred to your hand, and if you touch your nose or mouth without washing your hands, it can transfer the virus to your body. So, try to avoid touching your face, especially your mouth and nose, as much as you can.

  • Eat Healthy 

There is no cure for Covid-19 currently. The only thing that can safeguard you against this deadly disease is your immune system, and your immune system is only as good as the healthy food that you eat. Eat a balanced and nutrition-rich diet and try to increase your protein intake, as protein will help your immune system make antibodies that in turn protect you from the disease. Also, remember to keep your body adequately hydrated at all times. 

  • Exercise Regularly 

Exercise is generally important for good health. In the context of Covid-19, it is particularly more important because exercise leads to the release of hormones in the body that help to boost the immune system. When working out, it is best to do so in your home or outside, instead of going into crowded gyms. 

  • Get Enough Sleep 

Another important factor in having a strong immune system is getting enough sleep. Disturbed sleep patterns and inadequate sleep are major factors that weaken the immune system and can make a person more prone to viral diseases. Make sure that you’re getting at least eight hours of sleep per night. 

  • Keep Calm

When you are stressed, your body secretes a hormone called cortisone. While low levels of cortisol in the blood do increase the body’s ability to fight diseases, higher levels can actually hinder the proper functioning of the immune system. Do not panic, remain calm, and try to keep yourself busy with healthy activities.

  • Keep sanitizer with you

When you go out, make sure that you have an alcohol-based sanitizer in your pocket. Every time you shake hands (which should be avoided in the first place) or touch something, sanitize your hands to avoid the possibility of transferring the virus to your body or the things around you. 

In Conclusion: 

The only way to survive this pandemic is by being careful. If you follow the tips above, you will be on the right track to staying healthy and reducing the spread of Covid-19.


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