New Year, New You?


It is the start of the New Year, and now is a great time to take a good look at yourself and make positive changes.   The holidays are over and the winter time blues may have set in.  Why not take the extra time you have to implement some positive changes in your health?  It’s best to set small, attainable goals, once you achieve them you can move on to bigger goals.  This is the best way to not get discouraged.   Here are a few small changes you can make that will make a huge difference in your overall health and quality of life.

Get more exercise!  This can be tricky in the winter months, as it can be too cold to get outside.  It is also hard to find the time to fit exercise into your already busy schedule.  If you already exercise daily, try to change up your workout by adding extra cardio or adding weight training if you aren’t already doing it.  If you don’t currently have an exercise routine, start small!  Don’t rush into a intense workout regimen that will be hard to stick to.  Start by adding extra movement, like using the stairs instead of the elevator, or taking a walk.  There are many fitness apps that have short workouts you can download daily, so you don’t even have to leave your house and some only take 5 minutes!  Remember, anything extra is better than doing nothing!

Reducing your caloric intake and adding more water is also a good goal.  Again, try to reduce your calories slowly, so that your body had time to get used to it, and it won’t seem hard at all! An easy way to start is to reduce portions.  Try to pick lean meats and fish over fattier options can also be a way to eat healthier.  Try to eat more grains and nuts instead of processed foods.  Keeping hydrated is important for overall health and can also help your immune system.

Get more sleep!  This can sometimes be the hardest thing to do.  We all have busy and bustling schedules, but the more sleep you get, the more successful you will be.  When you are well rested you can make decisions easier, your judgement is better and your immune system is healthier.   There are a few things you can do to get yourself on a good sleep schedule.   Set a normal bedtime and wake time.  Getting the same amount of sleep and going to bed at the same time and waking at the same time makes a person well rested.  Turn off the screen 2 hours before bedtime, and don’t sleep with your phone!  Take a warm bath or shower before bed that can relax you and make you drift off to sleep.

These three little resolutions can go a long way to a better, healthier you!  Remember, start small, and it will be easier to stick to these resolutions.


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