Tips for Medication Storage As You Travel This Summer

If you have any more travel plans for the summer, it is important that you follow the tips below in order to safely transport your medications. You may be cramming all your essentials, and there are chances of medicines going waste. It may then be very difficult to search for refills where you are traveling. Make sure to check all the countries and their restrictions on certain medicines. If you follow the tips below you will end up saving yourself a lot of trouble in the long run.

Carry Adequate Prescription Drugs

Consult your insurance company and inform your doctor about the trip. He will give you the prescription as per your health conditions. It also makes sense to carry sufficient medicines for a long trip. It will save you a lot of trouble searching for pharmacies if you are on a cruise or another type of planned vacation.

Pack it Well

Do not remove the pills from their original bottles or packs. Carry the prescription in your hand luggage and do not keep it in the cargo. Also, pack all of the medicines in a single bag, like our SafeTote Rx locking tote bag, in order to keep them organized and also prevent them from being tampered with. The package will also help in preventing exposure to heat.

Store the Medicines in Carry-On Luggage

Cargo luggage may be spacious, but the higher temperatures in the storage area could damage some medications. So, take medicines like insulin in your carry-on luggage. Do not forget to keep the prescription handy so that there is no problem. Also, do not keep your medications in your bag in the trunk of your car during a long road trip. The trunk area gets direct exposure to heat. Instead, keeping it safely in the handbag in the passenger seat makes more sense.

These medication storage tips are essential to keep your medicines safe and in top condition during your trip. Do not take chances with prescription drugs and life-saving drugs as you travel by road or air or across the continents this summer.


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