Tips for Summer Medication Storage and Transportation

Summer is knocking the door, and the mercury levels are set to rise with the climatic change. In this season, we need to take extra care over medications in order to preserve them. Medicines, both prescribed and un-prescribed require watchful eyes and proper storage in order to retain effectiveness. These tips are applicable for medication storage as well transportation.

Medication storage needs to be controlled at a temperature, which usually comes under a generic range. Mostly room temperature ranges anywhere between 58 to 86 degrees that is considered safe for these products. However, there are some particular medicines, which require being stored under special and controlled conditions to preserve its effectiveness.

Useful Tips for Storing Medicines Effectively During Summers

  • Preservation Techniques: This applies to both prescribed as well as un-prescribed medications. The medicines are required to be stored in devices or zones, where there is little to no humidity, backed with more moderate temperatures. The best bet is to store your medications in a cabinet or drawer which will keep all of your medications at a constant temperature.
  • Transportation and Traveling Package: This is a challenging aspect of preserving medicines because it is harder for you to control the temperature. Irrespective of the medicines, the storage becomes a challenge, since the area you might travel may have different climatic impacts. Taking a special medical kit will do a lot good for preserving these medicines. Our SafeTote Rx bag is TSA approved and it is the perfect solution for transporting medications. It will not only keep them organized and secure with a lock, but it will also help prevent your medications from getting too hot.
  • Keep the Original Packaging: When storing and transporting medications, we recommend keeping them in their original container in order to keep them organized and to have the bottles as reference in case you are traveling and need to find a similar medication.

Summer medication transportation and storage is a challenge. With issues like global warming and other nature-based changes are creeping up, medicines are going to be impacted. If you follow these tips you can greatly increase the longevity of your medications.

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