Tips for Medication Storage for College Freshmen

College is the time for students to experience life on their own. However, the responsibilities that their parents were taking care of falls in their hands. The children who have to take the prescribed medications now this also becomes their responsibility. Parents need to ensure that while helping their children with packing they must provide them full knowledge on taking their medicine. Parents can examine whether their child is strict with the medications. This is the first step towards making child independent.

Lets us take a sneak peek into some of the essential tips for medication storage for the college freshmen:

Packing Basic First-Aid Kit

The first-aid kit is necessary for the children to be kept in their dorm room. It must include the adhesive bandages, including small, medium, and large size for all types of cuts. The non-stick gauze covers the more extensive wounds. There must be an antibiotic ointment kept preventing any infections in a minor burn or the injury. The medicine storage box must also contain the Ice Pack, elastic bandage, and a warm or heating pad.

Do Not Mix Drinking with Medication

College time is for socializing too, so drinks and parties go alongside. Here, students need to take care if any of their medication reach badly with alcohol, then it is better to avoid. You can consult your doctor about the same or if required, have a detailed conversation with your parents too.

Care for Seasonal Flu

The changing seasons bring in lousy cold and cough too. Your medication box must be organized evenly for the cold, cough, and the flu. It must contain the medicines prescribed by your physician like the nasal spray or drops, flu tablets, cough syrup, etc. The students need to take the storage duly prescribed by their doctor as an overdose may cause ill-effect on your health.

Keep Your Medicines Safe

You may be living alone or with a roommate in the dorm room. However, you need to keep your medicines in a secure place. For this, students can purchase the small safe and get it attached to some furniture in their room. They must also not share a word about their medication with everyone around. Students must keep the safe locked as soon as they walk out of their room. Another reliable way to take medicines is to put a reminder on your mobile device.

Overall, children must follow the advice of their parents and doctor for consumption and safe upkeep of their medications in the college. This way, they will never end up in any critical situation.

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